SimpliFi demo video

John Neveu

“The S-Trap is by far the best way to digest whole cell lysates, especially those with SDS. The benefits include significantly reduced sample handling (no need to precipitate and struggle to solubilize again) as well as fast digestion times and instrument friendly output with little further clean-up needed.” –This is really a great product!


The patent-pending S-Trap™ brings universal, simple and inexpensive sample preparation to bottom-up proteomics. In about an hour you can concentrate, clean up and digest any sample from micrograms to milligrams.


SimpliFi™ is for quantitative pathway analysis what MASCOT is for identifying proteins: data in and pathways out. Like MASCOT, it uses unbiased statistics which make very few assumptions about your data.

Protein prep

Protein preparation products will soon be available from the microgram to multiple milligram scale. Large scale is particularly useful for those doing pre-enrichment for example in phosphopeptide or SISCAPA/immunoaffinity analysis.

Dr. Alexandre Zougman

I tested Tryp-N in a modified STrap, fast-digestion sample prep system. I am pleased with its performance. Tryp-N worked specifically and robustly in a 1 hr, 65°C digestion in a 20% acetonitrile/Tryp-N buffer. For cellular lysate digestion, Tryp-N provided similar output to trypsin both for numbers of identified proteins and peptide identification rates with the expected inversion of ion fragments. — Dr. Alexandre Zougman, Team Leader in Clinical Proteomics, University of Leeds.